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How Important Is The Mentor Teacher To The Student Teacher?

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2. Introduction
a. Problem statement / Research problem (Question 2)
Over the course of their degree studies, student teachers gain valuable theorical knowledge of teaching without really understanding how this knowledge will be practically applied once they enter the classroom for the first time. This is why teaching practicals are of paramount importance: student teachers are afforded an opportunity to put their theory into practice within a controlled environment, under the supervision and guidance of a mentor teacher. Concomitantly, student teachers can contribute to school effectiveness as they bring new knowledge, fresh perspectives and enthusiasm into the classroom - if granted the opportunity to provide input. Process factors like classroom teaching and lesson planning are crucial to school effectiveness. The student teachers will have to learn how these process factors manifest in the classroom by observing their mentor teachers. Once the student teachers start practicing their skills in the classroom they will be in a better position to identify possible ways to contribute to school effectiveness, and may be afforded the opportunity to share their ideas. YOU NEED TO BE MORE SPECIFIC IN YOUR VERBALISATION OF THE PROBLEM
b. Rationale (Question 4)
This purpose of the study is to address the issue of process factors in the school that influence school effectiveness; without these simple process factors the school and the classrooms cannot run efficiently. Another issue in this study related to the previous statement is to bring forward the issue of student teachers who only bring text book knowledge forward in the classroom with minimal if any teaching experience. This shows us the importance of the mentor teachers to guide these student teachers to find their feet in a classroom and in the school. Student teachers are the future teachers therefore it is important that during practical they gain as much experience as they can to bring forward in their classrooms one day. Student teachers need to understand the process factors and how they can influence them to improve school efficiency.

c. Research questions (Question 3)
What are possible process factors that will influence school effectiveness and how the mentor teacher and student teachers can contribute to the effectiveness?
• How can student teachers contribute to classroom teaching with the guidance of their mentor teacher?
• What type of environment should the school and classrooms adopt in order to influence school effectiveness?
• Does the student teacher have enough experience and knowledge to contribute to school effectiveness?

d. Definitions of terminology

• Malleable: Taking something worn out/ old and moulding it into something new.
• Curriculum: This is a set of specific guidelines that the teacher has to follow in order to teach the learners, it includes all the areas of the subjects the learners have to learn throughout the year.
• Qualitative research: detailed...

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