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Leadership is one of the most important factors in organization that without it, all other business resources are ineffective (Meadow, 1962). However, since there are many different leadership style, which one is the most effective? This essay will give a brief key features as well as outline some strengths and weaknesses of three leadership styles: transformational leadership, transactional leadership and servant leadership.
Transformational leadership aims to build a connection between leaders and followers, in which the both parties “help each other to advance to a higher level of morale and motivation” (Burn, 1978, p.9). Transformational leadership can become especially useful in organization where still runs outdated structure and requires urgent change as it helps people to get more motivated and redefine organization’s vision to achieve long-term collaboration goals (Hayes, 2015). Moreover, by implementing this style, leaders could gain respect and trust from followers, and thus this make the followers adherence to the leaders and be more effective at work (Cossin & Caballero, 2013). Otherwise, this framework still faces downside risk in term of abusing power since the moral standing of leaders might not always right but has a strong influence on followers which leads to cruel outcomes (Northouse, 2013). Thus, to successfully apply this leadership style, the qualities of leaders is such an important issue to consider (PSU WC, 2013).
In contrast to transformational leadership, transactional leadership revolves around supervision and performance which followers’ motivation for following leaders are mainly based in rewards and punishments (APSC, 2014). Transactional leadership can be implemented well by organizations which focus on the basic management process as well as achieve short-term objectives since it is simple and very easy for leaders to administer and followers to follow (Odumeru & Ifeanyi, 2013). Furthermore, it is also highly effective in meeting deadline and emergency situations (Odumeru & Ifeanyi, 2013). Nevertheless, because transformational leadership always motivate followers by bonuses and penalties, the creativity in workplace will be limited and followers can be stressed by the pressure of punishment due to poor performance and negative results (Mokhtari, 2012).
The last leadership style that will be mentioned in this essay is servant leadership. The idea of servant leadership is that leaders are seeking on satisfy the needs of their followers ahead of their own through acknowledge their follower ’s perspective and help them to reach their goals (Dierendonck D & Patterson K, 2010). According to Liden (2015), the relationship between leaders and followers that is formed by applying servant leadership have dramatically impact on followers regarding to the culture of helping co-worker which not only build a...

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