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Melville, Dickinson, and Whitman show evidence that people are connected through experience in their writings. By means of Melville’s experience with Bartleby, Dickinson’s experience with death and greif, and Whitman’s ride on the Brooklyn Ferry, they all show that people not only are connected, but they need relationships to have a functional society and fruitful life.
In Melville’s, “Bartleby the Scrivener,” a lawyer’s idea of relationships is tested. As a bachelor, his disconnection with people is an obstacle he has to overcome. The relationships between his coworkers and himself are simple and detached until Bartleby is introduced. The lawyer is befuddled at the unique behavior that this character displays and cannot help but take particular interest in him. When Bartleby is asked to work, he simply says, “I would prefer not to,” and when he quits working, he begins to stare at the wall (1112). This wall may symbolize the wall that the lawyer has built up in an attempt to ward off relationships, or it may simple symbolize Wall Street. When the lawyer finds out that Bartleby is living at the firm, his concern increases for Bartleby creating the start of an unusual correlation. This act of kindness shows connection between the characters because the lawyer is showing empathy towards Bartleby, which is unusual for the lawyer. When the lawyer moves his law firm because Bartleby will not vacate the premises, the responsibility of Bartleby’s existence becomes his. The police contact the lawyer and he will not take the responsibility, but says to lock him up if need be. This may not seem very friendly, but later when Bartleby is locked up, the lawyer visits him and encounters the cook and says, “I want you to give particular attention to my friend there; let him have the best dinner you can get. And you must be polite to him as possible” (1126). Though the lawyer would not take the man into his care, he still cared enough to see to it...

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