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How Information Technology Has Impacted My Daily Life

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Technology in My Life“In the twenty-first century, information technology (IT) is at the core of most business activities” (Laube xiii). IT is also at the core of many personal activities. Like many U.S. Americans, my personal and professional activities relay heavily on the use of technology. From the alarm clock in the morning to the computer at work, technology plays a vital part of my everyday life. Technology enhances the ease and simplicity of activities and adds convenience to life. Although, when these technologies fail to operate correctly, they disrupt daily activities and hinder productivity.It is six in the morning and my cell phone rings. It is my alarm clock. Due to technological advances, I no longer have a need for a traditional alarm clock. I do not have to worry about waking up late because of a power outage at night. Although, if I forget to charge my cell phone battery or the volume is off, then this great convenience disrupts my daily routine. The cell phone has also eliminated my need for a land-line house phone. The cell phone is an immense expediency and allows me mobile contact with anyone, no matter where I am. In addition, the camera in my cell phone is extremely handy. This feature allows me capture a cute moment in time of my daughter at times when I would not normally have my regular camera with me. I can print, download, or send these pictures to friends and family. My cell phone also acts as a notepad and calculator. For example, if I am driving and think of something I need to write down, I can simply record myself a message and write it down later. This is not only a convenience, but also serves as a safety method. In addition, if I am in the store and need to calculate a sale price or total, I only need to go as far as my purse for assistance. The cell phone reduces my need for many other modern day conveniences and also reduces the number of items I have to carry in my purse. If my cell phone was lost or not operating correctly, it would terribly impede my daily activities because I depend on it for so many different matters. Besides the computer, the cell phone is one of...

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