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How Internet Slangs Affecting Language? Essay

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We decided to conduct a questionnaire for the use of Internet slangs within the age group ranging from 14 to 30, which most of the people within this age group is contacting with Internet slangs most frequently. For the questionnaire, we interviewed one hundred people and student in City University of Hong Kong, and half of interviewees are boys while the others are girls. The template of questionnaire is attached as appendix for reference, and the result and data collected are shown as below.

It is expected that the use of Internet slangs among this age group is widely distributed, and most of them have used Internet slangs.

More precisely, it is shown that female has a higher rate of ...view middle of the document...

Although the above results show that they believe the use of Internet slangs benefit on communication in certain aspects, they generally insisted that the use of Internet slangs should be restricted from academic purpose or under the formal situation.

It is expected that replacement of Internet slangs with formal language is impossible. In conclusion, Internet slangs will be widely used mostly in the cyber world because of the communication style of citizens. Therefore, formal language should always be the main stream of communication.

4. Analysis
As people use Internet slangs more often nowadays, it spreads all over the world in a massive way. For example, people use Internet slangs when texting, on social networking website, or even in spoken language (although it may be rare cases). As we can see, the wide-spreading of Internet slangs brings both advantages and disadvantages to our society.

The biggest advantage of the use of Internet slangs must be facilitating communication. Internet slangs are mostly abbreviations, onomatopoeia or emoticons, which greatly shortened the typing time and generally reduced the possibility of typing error from long words. For the fast living pace nowadays, “being faster” is one of the common goals of most human beings, especially netizens. They want to reduce the time of doing things as much as they can, including the time for typing and texting. Another advantage is that the unique usage of punctuations in Internet slangs makes communication more interesting. For example, colons and brackets in emoticons are usually expressing smiley faces or sad faces. This attracts people to use emoticons. The advantages above can totally explained the high using rate of Internet slangs.

However, the spread of the use of Internet slangs also produces certain disadvantages. First, frequent use of Internet slangs is affecting students’ performance, especially their writing abilities. As Internet slangs usually do not emphasize on capitalization or grammar, students are losing their awareness on these aspects. Some of them...

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