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How Internet, Television, And Radio Influence Voters

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Human brains have been trained to listen to famous people. When in reality there is an intense need for the independent mind. There are a great amount of ways to influence voters, whether is be political parties, by peers, or influenced by the technological advances in this world. Majority of our leaders votes are of people influenced by Radio, Television, and Internet.
When Radio first came to be, it was just a way of communicating through morse code. Radio was for sea disasters, or space, just a way to send a message between two points, it was not radio broadcasting to the public as it is today.Now its for music, playing games, listening to famous people share what their lives are like, and just to here broadcasters opinions on everyday life subjects.
There are about 16,000 radio stations in the united states. Some of the most popular radio stations, whether it be comedy,music, news, conservative talk, have up to 5 million listeners. Radio broadcasters can easily have their thoughts and opinions heard by going to work. Immediately their 5 million committed listeners are impacted, and their opinions become the same as the broadcaster’s.Popular radio stations occasionally have guests to speek on the station, for example, singers, actors, writers, people with a lot of followers on twitter, or even the President of the United States. And yet again these voices can be heard to millions of people, through cars, home radios, stores, computers, phones, etc. Leaders can influence millions of voters through radio broadcasting.
Since 1895, when the first radio signal was sent and recieved, our world has electronically advanced tremendously. Television is one of those advances, and has taken over our country to the point of no return. Television was at first a few dramas, then some football/soccer matches from others countries, and...

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