How Internship Affects My Future Essay

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Having the opportunity to internship with the Philadelphia Flyers has been a dream come try. It has taught me many valuable lessons I will be able to utilize in my future. This internship has allowed me to further develop knowledge and tools learned in my courses at Elizabethtown College. It has given me an inside look to the sports industry and how Sport Management Programs utilize similar information as Business programs. Finally, being an intern in the Game Presentation Department pushed me to further develop myself and mature as not only an individual but also a professional.
One of Elizabethtown College’s five goals for its students is to “provide professional expertise: help ...view middle of the document...

” Throughout my classes I have acquired these skills, but my internship has allowed me to further develop these skills.
A while back I decided to pursue a concentration in management. Through my elective classes I have learned different management theories and soft skills that can be used in an everyday work environment. If I did not take these previous courses before my internship I do not believe I would understand some of my supervisors decisions on why things had to be accomplished a certain way. One example of this is going to pep rally events now during playoff season. As an intern my supervisor is forcing us to meet at the Wells Fargo Center and drive with the company fan to the event, even if the event is closer to home. We are required to do this because of liability issues. Before taking my human resources course I would never have understood why supervisor is making us drive out of my way in order to go to event. My courses have exposed me to different laws and regulations companies are required to follow, allowing me to understand policies put in place.
The management courses have also allowed me to identify different management techniques that my supervisors use in order to get the results they want from us interns. They have tried to make it so us interns are intrinsically motivated to perform our jobs. It has been up to us to make the most out of our experience. I personally have tried to capitalize on the supervisors giving us our own freedom to make the decisions best for ourselves. Understanding my supervisors were giving us our own level of freedom aloud me to push myself and take full advantage of my internship. I took it upon myself to come in for extra office hours in order to expose myself to what happens in the Game presentation department during the day, not just at night. I also asked to shadow other departments to uncover myself to what other positions are offered within a sports organization. Understanding my supervisors’ management styles allowed me to take these few extra steps, which other interns did not take, showing them that I want to be there no questions asked and learn as much as possible.
During my time with the Flyers Game Presentation Department, it has forced me to rethink my singular concentration in management. I am thankful to have an understanding of management courses because as mentioned it benefited me in understanding why policies were in place and why my supervisors took certain actions. Throughout my time with the company there were countless times I overheard marketing terms, which I learned in the marketing introduction course. At these times, I wished I had a more in-depth understanding of what they were talking about. I have also felt that having more of a marketing...

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