How Is Acid Rain Caused In China And What Are Some Prevention Strategies Geography Research Paper

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China, the world's largest consumers of coal and are paying a heavy price for its speedy growth, with 258 of China cities are suffering from acid rains due to excessive emission of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere 99% of which is sourced from human activities. This causes health hazards, damage to buildings, scenic spots, the Leshan Buddha, forests and the ecological systems. The strategies in place to help reduce the issue of acid rain include reducing the emission of sulphur dioxide by lowering energy consumption on a daily basis or by using alternative energy sources in the form of solar or wind decreases the amount of fossil fuels that are emitted into the atmosphere.

Human activities leading to chemical gas emissions such as sulfur and nitrogen are the prime contributors to acid rain. Activities such as Driving vehicles, factories and power generation faculties emit Sulphur and nitrogen gases into the atmosphere. Specifically, in china due to the vast population, the use of coal for their electricity generation is the biggest contributor to the gaseous emissions that lead to acid rain. Cars and factories also release dangerous levels of these gaseous emissions every day into the atmosphere, especially in highly industrial areas and urban areas like shanghai where it is populated with 24 million civilians which means large numbers of car traffic and electricity usage. The only way nature contributes to acid rain is if there is a volcanic eruption and the sulfuric acid reacts with water molecules which then causes acid rain.

This diagram is proof of how china’s increase in cars and factories have contributed to the so2 emissions.
Starting from the 1900’s where their were barely electricity used and cars emissions were not yet in play. 1960s cars came into play with televisions. Then their starts a huge increase around 1970s where factories and power plants have launched and the so2 emissions have a rapid increase.

Strategy 1 is using different sources of Power that has a minor affect rather than using fossil fuels. There are other sources of electricity besides fossil fuels. They include: nuclear power, hydropower, wind energy, geothermal energy, and solar energy. Of these, nuclear and hydropower are used most widely in china; wind, solar, and geothermal energy have not yet been harnessed on a large scale in the cities of china. There are also alternative energies in use to power our transportation vehicles, including natural gas powered vehicles, battery-powered cars, fuel cells, and combinations of alternative and gasoline powered vehicles. All sources of energy have environmental costs as well as benefits. Some types of energy are more expensive to produce than others, which means that not all of the citizens in china can afford to buy these types of energy. Nuclear power, hydropower, and coal are...

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