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How Is Going Natural For Women Of Color Is Beneficial To Them And To Society

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Woman of different races and cultures hair has changed their hairstyles in very unique ways over the past years. Having different hairstyles shows a woman's personality and how they feel comfortable going natural in their own own ways, some women like to switch their hair every once in a while we like to go straight, wavy, curly and with that being said changing our hairstyles shows a woman's individuality we change so we can see how the hair will fit the figure of our face which makes use feel beauteous. Changing the texture of our hair using chemicals can damage it the results of using chemicals are, ‘’ Freedom- ‘’Going natural has to be the most liberating experience . The ability to live carefree without the constant worry of having the picture perfect wrap can give life a brand new meaning, Hair loss (Traction Alopecia)’’ Thinning edges, breakage, and permanent hair loss are the price many black women are willing to pay for straight hair -- but it doesn't have to be this way’’, Breakage’’ Using the same strength of realexeron different textures will produce varying results,. This explains why certain areas of your hair are constantly plagued by breakage despite regular care and maintenance’’, Scalp Damage-’’We all know what it feels like when your relaxer starts to burn. You grit your teeth , sweat starts pouring down your face , and you just pray that you can withstand the tingling sensation long enough to get your roots straight ‘’, Pregnancy- ‘’ Although there are no studies yet show that chemical relaxers have any permanent effect on fetus , trace amounts of these chemicals can be absorbed by the scalp into the bloodstream’’ , Cancer-’’ Relaxers , like cigarettes, are addictive in their own way and generate billions of dollars in revenue annually,’’ Nerve Damage ( Memory Loss)-’’With no family history of Alzheimer’s Disease , 62 year old Sophie Harman is now suffering from this terrible affliction , Short Term Memory Symptoms Are :’’ headaches’, nausea and vomiting ‘’,’’loss of balance’’ , ‘’slurred and slow speech’’ , ‘’mood changes’’ , ‘’hallucinations’’ , ‘’drowsiness’’, ‘’dizziness’’, ‘’dramatis’’, Long Term :’’short term memory ‘’, ‘’concentration problems’’ ,’’ musicale spamas and motor problems’’, ‘’peripheral nerve damage,’’ ‘’ (Chris -Tia E. Donaldson pages 58-62).There are two different types of textuerizers regular ; is not that harsh to the scalp and also ; super which very strong and will burn the scalp depending how long the we leave it on.
Woman goes through a process of oily hair, which brings more out moisture to the scalp and helps the hair grow more naturally using harsh shampoos can strip the hair of the natural oils, causing damage to the scalp , using shampoos helps perceive and give moisture back to the scalp and hair and also hot oil treatment will help the hair grow and bring back the natural oils that the hair really needs , There are many tips that we can over come from an dry and oily...

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