How Is Christ Denoted The Hero In "The Dream Of The Rood"? What Stated Qualities Mark Him As A Hero?

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1. How is Christ denoted the hero in "The Dream of the Rood"? What stated qualities mark him as a hero?There are several lines in the poem, The Dream of the Rood, that denotes Christ Jesus as a hero. The personified tree remembers clearly the events that took place at Calvary. He (the tree/cross) was seized from his stump and created to be the cross that would bear the weight our Savior Jesus Christ for six ...view middle of the document...

The Cross remembers well how he "saw the Lord of mankind hasten with stout heart, for he would climb upon me... The young Hero stripped himself-that was God Almighty- strong and stouthearted. He climbed on the high gallows, bold in the sight of many, when he would mankind. I trembled when the Warrior embraced me, yet I dared not bow to earth, fall to the ground's surface; but I must stand fast. I was raised up, a cross; I lifted up the Mighty King, Lord of the Heavens."We see nothing but admiration and humility with these words coming from the personified cross. He explained that Christ climbed up to the gallows of free will, and died for the sins of others. He tells how he voluntarily gave his life for a nation of unbelievers; Christ is a Hero, for with this act of Grace has saved us. The cross told that both he and Jesus Christ bore the weight of the sinners Jesus died to save. He (the cross) tells of the nails embedded in his wood and the blood of Christ that was spilled upon his limbs. He (the cross) demanded respect to the cross, in honor of Jesus Christ.

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