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How Is Civil Society Important For Democracy In Kyrgyzstan?

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Aisalkyn AlimbaevaResearch PaperPolitics of KyrgyzstanHow is civil society important for democracy in Kyrgyzstan?In my research paper I want to analyze how civil society in reality is important for democracy. In modern way of understanding, democracy is a type of government, which cannot exist without right of the people, where individual is not a subject of the government but where "government of the people, by the people and for the people". Government tries to help and directs all its politics in developing person as an individual. This change in government's priority helps to develop good relationship between civil society and democratic government, which will play a big role in the state. Civil society plays a main role in democratization of the country. There are different aspects and concepts of importance of civil society in the democratic state. Some political scientists think that civil society is important in democracy for limiting the state power which will not admit authoritarian regime in the country; others argue that civil society is "opposition to the state". My position approves both of these concepts. In order to answer this question more clearly we need to define civil society. According to the dictionary, civil society is "changing theoretical attitudes towards the relationship between economy, society and state". But most of the people understand civil society as "the realm of organized social life that is voluntary, self-generating, (largely) self-supporting, and autonomous from the state, and bound by a legal order or set of shared rules." All actors of civil society such as non-governmental organizations, mass media, civil, business and religious groups are important for democracy because they limit state power, encourage political participation, develop democratic principles, give a good political ground for the future leaders, connect to bound people.First of all, civil society in democracy limits the power of state. Today many people organize political organizations, associations and other groups to assure that there will be no one-dominating party or one-organization that will lead and handle the power in one hand. Consequently to provide and support democracy, it is very important to limit power, civil society will "lobby for access to information, including freedom of information laws and rules, and institutions to control corruption". For example in Kyrgyzstan, Orfus Center observes and checks what kind of changes government makes in Convention. This action does not allow government to do something against the law. Limitation of the power does not let government to have all control of the state.Secondly, promoting political participation "those actions of private citizens by which they seek to influence or to support government and politics" is one of the main features of the democratic system. For many years people could not understand the new reality in political life of the country. Most of people believed that...

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