How Is Gender Portrayed In Sydney White? Essay

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What do you think the typical female should be? Should women be flawless, dumb and blonde? Or should they be smart, strong and stunning?

Joe Nussbaum’s, Sydney white is a modern take of the movie Snow White. It takes a humorous look at the current American “college”, in doing so he focuses on the issue of gender stereotyping and how girls can look the same on the outside, but are completely different on the inside.

Sydney breaks many stereotypes that a typical girl would normally do. She’s not the one to fancy over makeup, clothes and definitely doesn’t care what people think. For example, when Sydney asks Tyler “Is that a Stanley 22 ounce Antivibe framing hammer?”, in a very excited and astonished way. The technique used was a close-up shot of the hammer and the camera pans as she lifts her head, keeping her eyes on the hammer. This scene helps us to see how different Sydney is because most girls would get excited the way Sydney did over makeup or a new handbag, rather than a hammer. In another scene Sydney is finding something to wear when Dinky points to a bag and asks “what’s in there?”. Instead of finding clothes, inside is Sydney’s comic book collection. Dinky’s face is surprised because instead of having clothes Sydney showed Dinky her geeky side by having a comic book collection. “Oh my” is Dinky’s response when seeing the comics. Dinky didn’t expect this and said it in a sarcastic way. The camera technique is a close-up shot of Dinky which shows the reaction when Sydney pulled...

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