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How Is Meaning Achieved In The Petrol Station Scene Of Baz Luhrmans Romeo And Juliet?

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Shakespeare is one of the best known play writers of all time. Although it has been many centuries since his death his work is still studied by every student in Britain, as well around the globe. As such is his genius, a man called Baz Luhrman transformed and modernised Shakespeares greatest script, 'Romeo and Juliet.' into a quality film.Throughout this essay, we will analyse Luhrmans introduction petrol scene and look for the connotative meanings planted in various places of the scene to sub-conscience impressions of the characters and their familles.There is one factor that instantly separates the two familles, Capulet and Montague, this is the way they dress. Simply because of what they're wearing we get an insight of the personality of both the families.For instance, the first time we see the Montague boys we see them wearing baggy shorts and Hawaiian style shirts, which are left unbuttoned. Their hair is also un-neat and is in a kind of punk style, outrageously coloured if you will. Body piercing also added to this punk effect. With this style of clothing not many members of the audience are going to take them seriously.The Capulet boys however, dress very differently, and with this, give quite a different impression. They are all dressed very neatly in suits, and are well presented with things like neatly trimmed facial hair and combed back hair. This can make us, the audience, believe that they are more serious and professional in every thing they do. And with their strong sense of professionalism it makes the Capulet boys appear more intimidating.Another way in which we get to know the personalities of the two families is through the music associated with them. As soon as the first scene begins a kind of rock, or punk music begins. This is a very young and immature style of music and this rubs off on the Montague boys making them also look young and immature. Again this is sub-consciencely telling us not to take them seriously.When the Capulet boys appear the music changes into a Western type of music. It is this type of music which is traditionally associated with cowboys, shoot-outs and generally danger, and so we are lead to believe that there will soon be some kind of confrontation.It is no secret that facial expressions usually show what a person is feeling, and so, to some extent we can see what kind of personality a character has from the expressions they make.The Montague boys start the scene laughing and joking, this,...

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