How Is Poverty Related To Crime?

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How is Poor Related to Crime?

According to Nelson, poverty’s outcome on crime explanation has multiple reasoning’s, here are a few. One out of three families is not only considered to be living in a poverty status class, they are living below it. Racism plays a large role when it comes to crime being affiliated with poor. For instance, when racism plays a part with minorities it can influence the wage you will receive, and the type of job you will be allowed to have. To my understanding white privilege can also have a part in crime being related to being poor. Being denied what they think should have been granted to them but was not, so they feel they have the right to take it causing some kind of burglary status. This is really where education plays a large role in society when dealing with crime because the more educated you re the more you want and desire out of life. But keep in mind we need to remember everyone was not meant to excel when it comes to education. This is why other strong programs for jobs are going to have to be enforced. In my opinion, observation shows that if you are born in poverty that you most likely will continue to live in poverty. This awful cycle has to be broken with all our help and tools.
Ehrenreich states in this day and time you can be arrested for doing acts that are usually connected to a person of a poor status. Such as lying down on a side walk, this goes for the rich as well, but we know the rich would never be lying down on a side walk unless they are unconscious. This is something to wonder about was that put into the ordinance, does an unconscious act count. Sure it does, this is another way to target the poor and somehow help the rich. She states the same thing about loitering, sleeping and sitting where prohibited. We all know that only homeless and poor people are affiliated with these situations, so these will be the only people that will be arrested. Oh let us not forget about begging. How can someone be arrested for begging if they have not physically touched you and have not been a nuisance. I give when I have or desire to but under no circumstances if I was not violated would the cops be informed, or evolved. It is like society really hate minorities and the poor. I had heard one time that the rich was going to try and move to the moon I guess to get away, I wish they would hurry up with their process and plans. The world would be a much nicer place to live.
Ehrenriech goes on to tell a short heartwarming story about a man by the name of Mr. EEEE who was 63 at the time this article was published. He was in Fu Baik, Vietnam, in 1972 through which he had sustained a bullet he took in the spine. He was in the shelter enjoying the comforts of something he did not own himself a bed, until last December, when the cops came in the shelter at some time of the night searching for men who had outstanding warrants. Mr. EEEE, who happen to be an ordained minister who does not smoke, drink, or...

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