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How Is Text Messaging Affecting Teen Literacy

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Almost a generation of teens have access to a phone with text messages. They spend so much time shorting words, they lose the ability to be literate. Teenagers today are more worried about their phones, in school or out of school, causing them to drop their grades and get them in lots of trouble.
The telephone was invented in 1870 by Gray and Bell, who then battled over the true inventor of the telephone, which Bell won. Bell then began experimenting with electrical signs, which brought the telegraph to be an established means of communication (Bellis). In 1876, Bell made his first call to Thomas A. Watson in March. People thought Bell’s invention was a toy, but later people wanted a phone installed in their homes, towns, or businesses. In 1877, the first telephone appeared in Wisconsin by Alfred Galpin (Jelen).
In 1999, people could start sending text messages to other people. With different networks to their own, life became easier because of text messaging users. Soon later, English language became known as ‘text speak’, a way we write now by abbreviating long and big words. This is causing teens to lose the ability to learn how to spell and read. Now that text messaging allows kids to abbreviate, kids are now failing school classes by abbreviating in their school work (Cooke).
In December 1992, the first text message ever was sent out. The message read ‘Merry Christmas’, by Neil Papworth an engineer (Cooke). Back in 1984, Matti Makkonen was in Copenhagen at a Danish pizzeria. Matti was with two colleagues for a mobile telecom conference. While Matti was at the conference they discussed the messaging system (Emily).
It is his or her choice on what he or she decides to do with a text message. Teenagers now can allow immediate sharing, with just a few seconds. Without a time aside for a phone call or in person conversation, all it takes is just a few seconds for a text message or a picture to be sent across the world (Welton).
Text messaging has now affected people in many ways. Now with text messaging, teens are connected more than any other generation. Teenagers interact socially with text messaging, that has increased frequency. With more communication, negative effects can now take place. Teens now talk less face-to-face with texting communication (Welton). In 2000, fourteen billion text were sent out monthly. In 2010, 188 billion were being sent out over the United States (Kluger).
Among the young, not all of the growth has yet to come out of old fashioned phoning (Kluger). Parents these days are going out buying kids nine years old smart phones. Not telling them what and what not to do, little kids are starting out to young with a telephone. Decreasing their ability to learn in school, parents need to start taking the kids phone away at a reasonable time so they can get a good nights rest. Also not letting them take their phone to school, to having an advantage of getting on the internet looking up violent stuff.

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