How Is The Government Affected By Autism?

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In the 1940s, two scientists in different countries discovered and named ‘autism’. In the United States, Dr. Leo Kanner from Johns Hopkins University used the term ‘autism’ to describe the unsociable behavior of the children he studied. Around the same time, a scientist from Germany called Hans Asperger whose last name is used to describe Asperger’s syndrome. From the 1960s to the 1970s, autism was mainly treated through pain and punishment because it was thought to have worked the best way then. During the 1980 and 90s, modern day and better treatments were created. As a result behavioral and language therapy came into play.
Autism is found in every 1 in 110 children a year. Only one in eighty-eight are found here in the United States. Autism is a mental disability that is usually noticed at the age of three affecting the normal developing parts of the brain: social interaction, communication skills, and sense of understanding. Individuals with autism are more prone to sickness than other. It could be from asthma to persistent viral infections and sensory integration dysfunction. Autism unlike other mental illnesses has nothing to do with age, race, regions, or social economic status of the individual and can be found in anyone. As of current, there is no cure for autism but there is early detection, intervention and treatment for younger children. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual won’t have autism but the treatment will lessen of autism occurring.
The government pays to take care of these children and it cost a lot of money every year to give out to their parents. The government pays the medical and physical cost for each and every autistic child. People sometimes take this for granted or give up their children to next of kin depending on the circumstances. I selected this topic because very few people know about how much money they receive each year for their own child or anyone that they know. They will also discover how much people with autistic kids receive every month and year in total. Then I will explain how this affects the government in positive or negative ways. I believe the answer to this question is that autism has a huge affect on the government-economically and politically.
I obtained this data because my mother teaches special education and I was curious about the money those families receive from the government. I found it very amusing or rather surprised when some parents hand their children over to next of kin or they give them up to group homes to live in. I chose to do the research and I hope I can spread my message to the government through this project. This data was found by hour upon hour and search upon search and I didn't stop until I came up with valuable information and resources that were capable of being used by others.
Autism and its research can cost up to billions of dollars. The money given to researchers has drastically risen in the past ten years in America. About...

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