How Is The Notion Of The 'journey' Explored In Tupac's Poem 'and 2morrow'

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And 2morrow"Today is filled with angerfueled with hidden hatescared of being outcastafraid of common fateToday is built on tragedieswhich no one wants 2 facenightmares 2 humanitiesand morally disgracedTonight is filled with rageviolence in the airchildren bred with ruthlessnessbecause no one at home caresTonight I lay my head downbut the pressure never stopsknawing at my sanitycontent when I am droppedBut 2morrow I see changea chance 2 build a newBuilt on spirit intent of Heartand idealsbased on truthand tomorrow I wake with second windand strong because of pride2 know I fought with all my heart 2 keep mydream alive"-Tupac ShakurResponseThe realisation that one has to change himself and undertake a journey to transform his outlook on life before he can seek true happiness is one message this touching poem conveys. The poet, who is also a renowned rap artist, painter and actor, has many poems that touch deep into the hearts of men worldwide. His life was a legacy, being compared to Malcom X by many, suffering similar hardships but on a smaller scale. Tupac Shakur's poems, like this one, have a lot of emotional background hidden behind the words. The concept of a journey in this case is the need to have a dream, and to follow it by starting with yourself.The world in this decadent age of catastrophe, hate and greed is corrupting itself more each day. The struggle for humanity is to stay above the corruption, the hate and the greed that the world entices us to join into. Tupac realises that to stay above the surface of this society we live in, is to dream of a better day, hope for a better tomorrow, and to hold onto and work toward that dream no matter what happens.If everyone had this dream that Tupac had, perhaps the world would be a different place. If everyone had the same vision, the same dream of a just and united world, we would achieve it much quicker. This is not the dream for many. Nations are dreaming of power, of rule, and this is where the major problems occur. As individuals, we are constantly thinking about ourselves, about our needs and problems. If we all changed to stop and think about others, it would change the way the world is today.Tupac uses time through his poem from start to finish, by using the days metaphorically or symbolically. Days turn into nights, and the night ends - starting the next day, tomorrow, hence the title. Short sentences create a genuine piece of writing, with the words 'today, tonight, tomorrow' repeated to give a more dramatic approach. The rhyming of the poem continues in a flowing yet un-structured manner, while the rhythm perfectly suits the subject tone.The first half of the poem is filled with distressing words, the pain Tupac feels inside. Words like hate, fate, tragedy,...

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