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How Is The Rocket Related With Newton's Three Laws?

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On October 31st, we finally shot up our rockets. Some of the rockets went well as we predicted; some others did not. Our rocket was launched three times in total, and out of all three, only one launch managed to get the parachute out when it was needed. In this report, I am going to write about what relationship the rockets have with Newton’s three laws we have been studying lately. I will connect each of Newton’s three laws with the rocket launches we had.
Newton’s first law is the law of inertia. The full statement is: “Every object continues its state of rest or a state of motion in a straight line at constant speed unless it is compelled to change that state by forces exerted upon it.” Inertia is the property of objects to resist change in motion. When I throw a coin up in the air in a speeding car, it falls in where I threw the coin, not speeding back with the car. It is because the coin has inertia, which resists change in motion. The law of inertia particularly makes a connection with the rocket while it is at rest and while it is at motion. When it is being ready to launch, it stays where it is until we press the button down and the thrust is being acted on the rocket. It tends to remain at rest until the engine gives force. When it is flying, it continues to fly. However, we have to note that the reason why it cannot keep on flying is because of gravity and air drag. These forces pull the rocket down, and while the rocket is being pulled down, the parachute comes out.
Newton’s second law is the law of acceleration. The full statement of the Newton’s second law is: “The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to its net force but inversely proportional to its mass.” This law means that when the net force increases, the acceleration increases but when the mass increases, acceleration decreases. If we push a cart with 200N and 100N, the 200N force exerted cart will move faster, under the circumstances that the mass is same. However, when the mass is twice as much, the bigger mass moves slower. During our lessons, we have studied that the formula for Newton’s second law was F=ma. This law means force equals mass times...

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