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“For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. –Arnold
The amazing culture of building muscle has brought many people to love it. What we know today as bodybuilding began in 1890s with a man named Eugene Sandow. Weight training and bodybuilding is an athletic activity, practiced in ancient Egypt and Greek, to gain strength and show their power. In ancient times they didn’t have weight likes today, they used stones of different weights and sizes. This physical culture of wanting to transform your body to have more stamina and also be more healthy, this all started in the 11th century ...view middle of the document...

Eugene judged first bodybuilding show called the “Great Show” in 1891. Eugene had students he held a show for them to show what they have done, all 2,000 tickets sold out. For this contest the winner won a gold statue of Eugene and 2,500 dollars, bronze and silver statues were given to third and second. A very small rule brought by Sandow was put into place. The bodybuilder has to place in a smaller show, to be allowed to compete. Bodybuilders were not judged of just their size, posing was a huge factor, how texture of your skin was, how healthy you are, and also color of skin. The winner of the show and of gold trophy was a man from Great Britain name William L. Murray. Ever since those first couple shows, bodybuilding and power lifting took off and would always be a sport. Around 1930s supplements started to play a big role to gain muscle and lose fat. Bodybuilders started posing in mirrors and training together. They named it the golden age of bodybuilding. In 1939, Mr. America was brought by the American Athletic Union. Not just for bodybuilders but also for dedicated power lifters to show their skills. John Grimek won the first Mr. America, although he did not defend his title, he was a very great lifter. Santa Monica, California beach named muscle beach. Men lifting and working out on this beach is how it got its name. Many different organizations for bodybuilding started to appear you had the IFBB in 1946 by Ben Weider, also NABBA in 1950. One of the most famous shows “Mr. Olympia” brought by IFBB in 1965 is still going today along with Mr. Universe by NABBA. Bodybuilding is not in the Olympics because they do not see it as a sport that should be in the Olympics. This why they have Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe this is there Olympics many bodybuilders compete in both of these and to win is a once in a life time thing for some for others not. Eugene Sandow is the statue that is on Mr. Olympia trophy. He was the reason for the started of bodybuilding and this is a way for him to always be remembered....

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