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How Japanese Interment Camps Had An Impact On Children’s Views On Education

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Gender roles and status portrayed different outlooks about how children felt in relation to their educational experiences while interred. Based on a variety of children’s letters that were written to their teachers, children seemed to enjoy their placement at the camps. The quality of the teacher’s curriculum impacted many of these children’s lives, where racial formation was not a problem to obtaining equal access to education because Americans institutionalized the structure routine.
The practice of targeting Japanese families has led us to believe that children’s experiences in the camp were negative due to segregation and stripping from their identities. This paper examines how the Japanese Interment camps had an impact on children’s views on education. After reviewing the letters written by the students to their teacher Claire D. Sprague, we can describe how most children experiences were positively impacted.
Throughout experiences at the Japanese Internment Camps children’s formed many different perspectives. Younger children seemed to enjoyed their education in reference to the letters describing the impact of the environment they seemed to form a close relationship with their peers and teachers in the time spent at school. The recruiting of selected teachers from different surroundings areas helped with providing an enriched curriculum that enable students to rise to their full potential. According to Abe Kazuye a sixth grader, he writes to his teacher Miss. Sprague describing his experience in the Japanese internment camp school as being good quality. The letter details the different things his learning with the new teachers and how he enjoys them, but still misses her around (Cite). This racial formation allowed them the opportunity to assimilate and learn the American ways and how things were custom by the American culture. Even though their parents taught Japanese children first at home, school was their secondary learning environment.
There were many resources offered to children at the Japanese Internment Camps. For instance,...

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