How Jews Were Discriminated Against In Germany Between 1933 And 1939

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1)Between 1933 and 1939 the first record of discrimination against Jews is in 1933. In April 1933 there was an official one-day boycott of Jewish shops, lawyers and doctors across the whole of Germany. This action was taken within a couple of days of Nazi power, many people even Jews didn't think that Nazis would act on their anti-Jewish ideas. Nazis continued to print the anti-Jewish propaganda in their newspaper Der Stürmer.One Jewish lawyer was treated very badly in 1933 there is a report written by beate his daughter in Torn apart, "On 10th march 1933 my father went to police headquarters to lay a complaint on behalf of one of his clients who had been arrested. When he got to the police headquarters someone said to him, "Dr. Siegel you're wanted in room number so-and-so" which happened to be in the basement - and my father said, "Fine, I'm in good time. I'll go there first."And when he got there he saw that it was full of Brown shirt thugs who proceeded to beat him up. They knocked his teeth in and bust his eardrums. They cut off his trouser legs and took off his shoes and socks, and hung a placard around his neck with the legend, 2I'am a Jew and I will never complain to the police again." They led my father around Munich in that condition for maybe an hour, and then they let him go."For the next two years there wasn't much more organised Jew persecution except in 1934 when they increased the amount of anti-Jewish propaganda.However in 1935 they picked up Jew persecution. May of 1935, Jews were now forbidden to join the army. Even though many had fought beside Germans in the First World War.And in September of 1936 they introduced a set of laws called The Nuremberg Laws. These laws were known as the laws for protection of German blood and honour. Source A: The Nuremberg laws;Only a National of a Germany or similar blood, who proves by his behaviour that he is willing and able to serve the German people and Reich, is a citizen of the Reich.A Jew may not be a citizen of the Reich.Jews have no vote, they may not fill any public office.Marriages between Jews and citizens of German blood are forbidden.This was the First legal action taken against the Jews it was taken two years after the Nazi's gained power. I think Hitler did this because he wanted the German people to unite and he could do this by fighting the Jews, he also wanted the public to agree and go along with him that's why he waited two years. The second law made it so that the Jews were no longer seen as people more as goods or subjects, this meant the Germans could do what they liked with them. The third law made life easier for the German public because it freed up jobs, so more Germans could get work, this also brought the unemployment number down because only Germans were seen as people so the Jews wouldn't be kept on the unemployment list. A year after these laws were passed Jews were no longer allowed to own records typewriters or bicyclesIn 1936 the Olympic games were...

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