How Joe Clark Was Able To Flip Eastside High School

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Crazy Joe, the man who had changed the lives of both the students and the teachers of Eastside High School against all odds. Chaining up doors, calling out teachers, and show both teachers and students who’s in charge, even though he uses military-like teaching methods, Joe Clark was able to flip the school upside down transforming both students and staff into people to look up to. On arriving at the school Joe Clark had found out that this school was in dire need of change from both the students and staff in which he had decided to use unorthodox methods to change the school. Being set on changing East Side High School from a school full of drug dealers and miscreants, Joe Clark had used methods of discipline in the right way resulting in a better and cleaner school.

By showing his authority, through methods of discipline, he shown the students of Eastside High who’s in charge, Mr. Clark’s methods may be a little unorthodox but they do work. By using his methods of discipline, he was able to show the students who’s in charge and what he can do to either help or hinder them. As was shown in the movie the first way he had shown what he could do was by expelling all of the drug dealing and misbehaving students. From the evidence shown, Joe Clark was a highly controversial principle of Eastside High; walking through the halls, bullhorn and bat in hand driving away the drug dealers and thugs of the school, as well as suspending over 300 students on his first day at the school. What the evidence shown here is showing that even on his first day of work at the school he had brought his A-game getting rid of all students who wouldn’t help the other students.

Though Joe Clark’s methods may be unorthodox they’ve pared a new way for once unruly students to change into model students. His methods may be frowned upon by members of the city council and parents, but the ways he had used those methods showed the students of Eastside High School that the things that he had done were for their benefit only. From the evidence shown Joe Clark had done almost everything that the school board had told them not to do; from chaining up the school doors to have the students perform as if they were in a military camp, but all of this was to keep out the drug dealing students, that he had expelled, and help them become stronger and more civilized versions of themselves. Unorthodox methods or not, the way that Joe Clark teaches students about discipline and the proper way to act around your elders is one to be reckoned with.

Yelling, name calling and humiliation, these are just some of the things that Joe Clark had done to transform teachers who were once looked down upon by students to people that they now look up to....

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