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How Lack Of Sleep Hurts Your Health.

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Those few sleepless hours shouldn’t hurt, right? Unfortunately, those few hours could have prevented sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation affects one’s school performance and one’s health too. Many everyday appliances affect one’s sleeping patterns and habits as well. Lack of sleep is a problem not only for me, but for many teenagers. Sleep deprivation also takes a toll on physical and mental health along with other health problems. These obstacles will help one grow as a character because they can learn from their mistakes and solve them. By looking at what causes sleep deprivation, what the effects of sleep deprivation are, and what are the solutions to solve sleep deprivation, one can see that sleep is an important part to succeed in school and life.
Sleep can be affected by many factors. Sleep deprivation is caused by everyday appliances. For example, when one goes to bed, they are usually distracted by electronics. Before they know it, an hour or more has passed by which causes them to be tired in the morning for school and studying. In teens, the main cause of lack of sleep is due to being absorbed on their phones,video games, TV, and much more socializing activities. Sleep deprivation can not only be caused by electronics, but by one’s sleeping environment or physical factors. According to the article, “Sleep Deprivation,” it says, “The causes of sleep disturbance are many and varied. Sleep disturbance can, for example, be triggered by relatively simple environmental events, such as excessive noise or too much light. It can be related to physical factors, such as diet or exercise”. The environment you sleep in impacts your sleeping because it is a distraction which will cause someone to not sleep. Sleeping in a comfortable place will make people feel more relaxed and better too. Stress and overworking is another main cause of sleep deprivation. Teens are given more homework and projects, leading them to stress over them and not be able to get enough sleep due to overworking on their homeworks and projects. This stress keeps teens up late at night and makes them feel pressured because “...[stress],sometimes be a self-perpetuating cycle: If you are stressed, you can't sleep, and lack of sleep makes you more stressed”(Causes of Sleep Deprivation). If one has enough stress, they will constantly have bad health and can miss school due to lack of sleep. This affects one school performance. These two sources are related since they both prove the point that there are many cons to sleep deprivation. These sources prove that the simple things in life can cause sleep deprivation too. If one finds the cause of their sleep deprivation, then they can fix and solve their problems. If a teen takes this in consideration, they can figure out why they have sleep deprivation and solve their problem. Thus, sleep deprivation has many causes involving physical or mental distractions.
Lack of sleep has many bad, unhealthy side effects. Sleep deprivation can...

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