How Lacrosse Progressed Through The Years

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Lacrosse has progressed over the years from when it started as a religious practice by the Native Americans to the Canadians to the east coast to all around the world. The equipment, shoes, rules, and fields have changed in many different ways. The different ways that people can set up their defense and their offense is so broad that it is hard to describe. The original team set up was when the Indians played over expanses of 500 yard up to a mile. Then William George Beers created a club called the Montreal Lacrosse Club in eighteen fifty-six. Then about a decade later William George Beers produced a whole set of rules that included reducing the number of players to ten adding hitting ...view middle of the document...

The modern equipment that we use was created to have fewer injuries and make the sport safer and more controlled. In the beginning Indians only wore their usual clothes which also meant that would have to run bare foot through the woods and grasslands. The Canadians created jerseys for their club teams and they had the players wear a soccer shoe looking cleat also the Canadians made gloves that were thin pieces of fabric these gloves weren’t really used as much for protection as they were used for better grip and control of the players stick. The first lacrosse pads were produced around nineteen twenty-eight and were not very protective compared to today’s innovations but helped against small stick checks. Since the first protective gear was made companies have developed gear that is not only lighter, stronger, more flexible but also better looking than in the early nineteen hundreds. When lacrosse gear was starting to hit the shelves companies like cascade or brine started on helmets for lacrosse players so that it would become more popular.
The lacrosse helmet is a key feature in the game of lacrosse it helps prevent concussions, being hurt and keeping the goalie in the net. The helmet didn’t make an appearance in to lacrosse until nineteen twenty-eight. This appearance was made when the US used it in a bunch of demonstrations at the Olympics. A lacrosse helmet is a protective headpiece worn mostly in men's lacrosse, but also can be worn by women's lacrosse players. Modern helmets are made of a hard plastic shell with thick padding surrounding the inside, a face mask made up of several metal bars, and a chinstrap that is used to secure the helmet to the players head. Helmets can also come in many different designs and also many colors so a player can support his or her school or team.
When the Native Americans played lacrosse they would settle disputes, gamble, or ritualize battles so that they could fight but also have it be convenient among tribes. They really had zero rules so it was an all-out type of war. The no rules stopped when William George Beers wrote a book of basic rules like player number, hitting, pockets, etc for his lacrosse club the Montreal Lacrosse Club. The rules then and now have been changed i.e. in the old days men could only have flat pockets and now men’s pockets can be as deep to the point where you cannot see daylight on the other side of the bottom part of the head but the pocket can also be above that point. Also having your hands too far apart from each other on the stick can be called as cross-checking in the old days they did not have that rule. Another difference is that nowadays we wear footwear to help with traction but before the Canadians they did not wear shoes.
When the first people played lacrosse they did not have shoes to wear. They were Indians that wore only their everyday clothes that was made out of animal hide and not really protective against hits. The modern lacrosse shoe is not mandatory...

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