How Language Deficiency Relates To Antisocial Behavior

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Stuttering and the mispronunciation of words are two common types of language deficiencies. Being unable to speak properly could have numerous effects on a person in society, which could lead to antisocial behavior. If a person becomes antisocial, they lack what it takes to coexist with society in an acceptable manner. The person with this behavior usually affects society in a negative way.
Speech is the sound that comes out of our mouth and language is a measure of intelligence. When a person has a problem with either it is called a language disorder. These disorders can be caused by a range of things. Hearing could be an issue if the child has delayed speech or language. Intellectual disability is a common cause of language disorders. Abuse or neglect and not hearing others speak will lead to that child not speaking. Prematurity can cause a number of speech and language delays. Auditory processing disorder is when children have trouble decoding sounds. Cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and traumatic brain injury can affect the muscles needed for speaking. Autism directly affects communication. These are some of the causes of language and speech problems. These problems can be cured. There are ways to monitor children and ensure that they are on track with their language level. From birth to the age of five kids should go through various stages in learning how to talk. At the age of twelve months toddlers should be saying one to two words and recognizing sounds. Usually the first signs of a language deficiency aren’t found until the ages of three to eight. At that time a speech therapist should be contacted to assist in the curing process. The earlier the problem is identified the better the chances of curing it are. If not handled then the child could grow up and be a threat to society due to antisocial behavior.
According to some studies individuals with antisocial behavior disorders are responsible for about half of all crimes committed. Antisocial behavior consists of acts that harm people physically or psychologically. Lying, stealing, assaulting others, being cruel to others, being argumentative, and being sexually promiscuous are all examples of antisocial behavior. Most people with the disorder are males. The females that have it are usually not physically violent. The level of aggressiveness in each individual varies depending on when they developed the disorder. In children it is called a conduct disorder, in adults as antisocial personality disorder. A person that develops the disorder during childhood is more likely to carry it into adulthood. They are also the most aggressive when it comes to physical violence. However, a child that develops antisocial behavior at or after puberty has a better chance of the disorder not continuing into adulthood. Adults that engage in antisocial behavior are risking their mental and physical health. Engaging in such acts increases the risk of alcoholism, cigarette smoking, illegal drug use,...

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