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How Language Is Influenced By Social And Cultural Factors

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Sociolinguistics – How language is influenced by social and cultural factor
Sociolinguistics is the internal examination of how language works. It investigates the individual and social variations in the flow or development of language. A language reflects a nation’s characteristic and contains historical and cultural backgrounds of the nation. Every nation has its own way of living their life. They have their own rules and regulations, which are handed down from generation to generation. Every nation has a different social background and geographic situation. They have different cultures which they follow according to their teachings and religions. Sociolinguistics help explain dialect, ...view middle of the document...

Ethnicity can bring various variations in the language with social perspective. The effective use of L2 phases has a direct and important influence on the grammatical construction of undeveloped ethnicities. “The genesis of new knowledge construction lies in social interactions, since language learning is viewed as a social process rather than as the individual acquisition of vocabulary and language structures” (Rogoff, 1994). The selection of L2 stages and linguistic development into L1, summarize the dialect of many ethnic minorities. Investigations of dialect variety because of colonization have brought about a general acknowledgement of the hypothesis that where two dialects mix to structure pidgin. It means that inter related change of behavior in social perspective has a direct influence on the language. Those languages which are still under development state may cause to adopt the developed language words in all variations. “The genesis of new knowledge construction lies in social interactions, since language learning is viewed as a social process rather than as the individual acquisition of vocabulary and language structures” (Rogoff, 1994). Each person has its own way of speaking and communicating with others. Which gives amazing experience because the way people think is the way they communicate.
Ethnicity may have a heavy etymological blend which is the inter-language influence from the culture. The different ethnic society can realize to develop the words which are not frequent. The rule of language is influenced by the ethnic diversity and variations. If we go in deeper the fact is that the historical and political to social aspects influence the development of a language. However, the predictable means of grammatical change can also influence the variety of language. Each ethnicity has its own dialect and this dialect make them obsessed with the language which brings in the variations. Another aspect is that ethnic-social aspect has a major influence on language by this it helps them to identify themselves in any perspective.
The words usage and powerful transaction of communication is only possible by the fact that language has come under direct influence in various factors. However, inter communication in various social perspectives has adopted by changing the use of words with their grammatical structure.
Dialect does not stand still; it is a perpetually changing, living substance. The utilization and normal understanding of specific words or expressions change about whether. Individuals are regularly hesitant to adjust their comprehension or utilization of dialect. This prompts contrasts in the utilization of dialect that are characteristic of individuals' age. The saying "gay" is a prime case. At the start of the twentieth century it was broadly used to show 'blissful', 'loaded...

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