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There are many different ways to lead effectively. Different types of situations require different styles of leadership, the same as different people require different styles of leadership. Today we will explore what type of leadership from the full range leadership model was used in the Wing safety office. I will also explore how, as the new safety representative, I can work with my team using the full range leadership model. The team will work possible solutions to the driving problem we are faced with using requests for additional information, and the goals we will have to reduce and eliminate the driving accidents.
The former Chief of Wing Safety, Capt Matthews, had a four person team that was charged with fixing the Wing’s traffic accident problem. Matthews seemed to use a combination of transformational leadership as well as transactional leadership with his team in an attempt to correct the problem. One member of Matthews team was 1Lt Johnson. Matthews used a laissez-faire style of leadership with Johnson. Matthews put Johnson in charge of an area that did not require much supervision or responsibility. When it came to the driving problem Matthews spoke to Johnson about the issue and while the two did not seem to have any ideas about the issue, Matthews appeared to “write off” Johnson saying his heart was not in it because he is best at the “flightline stuff”.
Another member of the team is MSgt Jones. Matthews seems to have a combination of lasses-faire leadership along with individual consideration. Matthews did not seem to ask Jones what he thinks of the problem and possible solutions to it. This is a man with more than 20 years of experience who appears to be untapped. Matthews was more concerned with giving Jones time off and a “flex-schedule” to help finish his degree before retirement than he was getting his inputs on the problem. Matthews attempted individual consideration, but was unable to realize the full potential of Jones by leading him properly.
SSgt Williamson is the third member of the safety team. While Matthews had Williamson work on multiple projects and come up with many solutions to these projects he used a management by exception, passive, and laissez faire approaches with her. Williamson seemed to have initiative and creativity fixing problems she saw in the reports area where she had been placed. Once again Matthews failed to utilize his team’s potential and have Williamson work in other areas or even ask for her inputs on the driving issue.
The final member of the safety team is Mr. DeBurgh. Matthews used contingent reward with DeBurgh for his ideas and getting the team through the inspector general inspection. However, rewarding someone with time off who had previously donated comp time to a sick friend might not have been the best choice for a reward. Matthews seemed to be stuck on the idea of how old DeBurgh was and that his ideas were also old and would never work. Had...

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