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How Lewis And Clark Successfully Helped Native Americans

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Lewis and Clark were very successful people however their greatest success was only achievable with the help of Native Americans. April 1803 President Thomas Jefferson purchased uncharted territory from france. Jefferson always had liked the idea of western expansion so when he got the chance he took it. Jefferson pushed for approval to head an exploration of the Louisiana Purchase, and in 1803 it was approved. Jefferson had named Meriwether Lewis the leader and William Clark as his associate it wouldn't be until their first winter during the exploration that sacajawea would come into the picture . However Jefferson did not announce publicly that the U.S. had purchased eight hundred and sixty eight thousand square miles of land for fifteen million dollars until July .Lewis and Clark’s journey began near St.Louis, Missouri May 1804. Most days of the exploration had harsh conditions or at least one challenging obstacle to get around.For example during the exploration the hundred and forty six days spent in North Dakota, they experienced harsh temperatures below zero. This vast amount of uncharted land would become thirteen of the the states we know today. This expedition would discover a hundred and twenty two new animals, and a hundred and seventy eight plants, the expedition took eight hundred and sixty three days over a length of seven thousand six hundred and eighty nine miles, and at the cost of thirty eight thousand seven hundred and seventy two dollars and twenty five cents. Lewis and Clark’s Expedition would not have been as successful as it was without the help of George Drouillard, Sacajawea, and the Native American tribes they encountered. These Native Americans helped provide shelter, food, knowledge, and artifacts to Lewis and Clark on their journey .
Part Sawnee , part French the canadian born George Drouillard was a master at every imaginable skill needed for the expedition. Lewis and clark hired George Drouillard to assist them during their journey . Drouillard was so important Lewis and Clark that they paid him five times the amount as their own men. The reason why Drouillard was the most valuable to the team was that he was the best hunter and provided most of the food. Drouillard was also a vital interpreter on the Lewis and Clark expedition, interpreting and communicating with the tribes to gain knowledge of the best hunting grounds, and what plants are edible in the...

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