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How Light Intensity Affects The Rate Of Photosynthesis. (Measured By The Amount Of Bubbles Produced In 2 Minuets)

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Planning 6/6Analasis 6/8Implementation 6/8Evaluation 4/6NOTE:PICTURES AND DIAGRAMS FROM THE ORIGONAL ESSAY WILL NOT APPEAR SO THERE MAY BE UNXPLAINED GAPSHow light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis.(Measured by the amount of bubbles produced in 2 minuets)Scientific Knowledge and UnderstandingCanadian pondweedThis is the pond weed we will be using. It is North American and widely naturalized in EuropePhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis - The process by which plants convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose, using energy from the sun. (OCR Biology Text book)The word equation for photosynthesis is:Light provides energy for the reaction of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis does not happen at night/in the dark.RateRate - How quickly something happens (OCR Biology Text book)Light IntensityLight Intensity - One of the factors that can limit the rate of photosynthesis (OCR Biology Text book)Light is fast moving particles called photons that travel in waves and possess energy. Intense or bright light has more photons and therefore more energy than dull or dim light. Photons of light knock of electrons from chlorophyll molecules. These electrons then allow the chemical reaction of photosynthesis to happen.Therefore if you place a lamp close to a lamp it will photosynthesise faster than if it is further away from it.A graph plotting light intensity against the rate of photosynthesis should look something like this.This is similar to how my graph should look.The formula for light intensity is 1 ÷ distance 2Limiting FactorsLimiting Factor - A factor that limits the rate of photosynthesis (OCR Biology Text book)Three factors limit photosynthesis from going any faster: Light level, carbon dioxide level, and temperature.- Without enough light a plant cannot photosynthesise very fast, even if there is plenty of water and carbon dioxide. Increasing the light intensity will make photosynthesis faster.- Sometimes photosynthesis is limited by the level of carbon dioxide. Even if there is plenty of light a plant cannot photosynthesise if it has run out of carbon dioxide.- Temperature can be a limiting factor too. If it gets too cold the rate of photosynthesis will slow right down; equally, plants cease to be able to photosynthesise if it gets too hot. ( saturation pointAs the light intensity (LI) increases, the rate of p/s increases, until the plant is photosynthesizing as fast as it can - the LSP - Light Saturation Point. When the LSP is reached, plants cannot photosynthesize any faster, even when the light gets brighter. From this point on, according to Blackman's Law, the factor in least supply will be the limiting factor i.e. either CO2, H2O or temperature will be the limiting factor.( PhotosynthesisThis should be similar to how my graph should look.You could wait ages and then see how much glucose is in the plant. Boring and slow!Alternatively, one favourite way is...

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