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How Lomax And Fellow Prisoners Are Treated

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How Lomax and Fellow Prisoners are Treated

In this essay I will be looking at ways in which Lomax conveys how he
and his fellow prisoners are treated here in this passage from the
book. To show evidence of this I will select quotes which show choices
of form, style, vocabulary and narrative viewpoint. Overall I aim to
highlight the ways in which the attitudes and values are conveyed to
the reader.

Lomax Perfectly describes his transition from a P.O.W camp to Outram
Gail. 'What our captors were in fact doing was consigning us to a
lower circle of hell'. This extremely poignant statement shows use of
imagery in a way that stands out to the reader. He uses 'lower circle
of hell', which is a simile to emphasize the absurdity of prisoners
being sent to Gail.

Lomax goes on to describe the horrible neglect that prisoners of
Outram road were experiencing. 'This was a place in which the living
were turned into ghosts, starved, diseased creatures wasted down to
their skeletal outlines'. Like the first quote this is Lomax being
very graphic, morbid about what he has witnessed. Another use of
simile, there is a noticeable semantic field here. Words like 'ghost',
'diseased' and 'skeletal' conjure up a picture of death and something
worse living on the fringes of death. This is mostly from the
viewpoint of Lomax now, as an old man who can look back and comment on
it with toned down emotion and consideration.

Moving on to the use of adjectives which Lomax has liberally used
throughout the first paragraph we get the impression that there was no
pre meditated violence or planned torture, it was just neglect of the
most damaging kind. 'some of his colleagues were bored, slovenly and
brutal'. Both 'bored' and 'slovenly' are adjectives that describe well
the casual attitude of the guards. I would imagine that the attitudes
of these guards were strongly disliked by Lomax' morals. He...

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