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How Lucky Am I (A Respected Geriatric That Impacted My Life)

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“Blessed is the influence of one true loving human soul on another.” George Eliot, found words to describe the way I have felt my whole life. When I was a young little girl, my life was far from perfect, and every door opened up to yet another struggle. However, no matter how many times I felt as if things couldn’t get any worse, my Aunt Becky would come through and make it all better. Now, Aunt Becky isn’t just an inspiration to me, but too many others as well, but I won’t tell the story backwards. The geriatric known as my Aunt Becky, has been highly influential and inspirational to my life in a handful of different ways.
It is taught that one in every eight women will develop breast cancer. I personally know this number to be all too true. In October of 2000, Rebecca Anne Harmon was diagnosed with breast cancer. For 38 weeks, my aunt underwent daily chemo treatment, and after five years of fighting a losing battle, Rebecca put down the needle. She had finally won. Not only had Aunt Becky achieved healing, but now she found herself truly adored by a little girl. When the odds had seemed ever against her, and there was no sign of hope, this little girl knew that no matter how bad things would get, her aunt had found the light at the end of the tunnel, and this had given her faith that she could do the same. Today, Rebecca has been cancer free for 13.5 years, and the little girl has grown up into a young woman; but one thing remains the same. I still know that through Rebecca, I can find the light down at the end of my tunnel. If there is one thing I know my aunt to be, it’s inspirational.
Aunt Becky was a crucial part of my life for many reasons, including compassion. Imagine a young girl silently crying in the corner, crippled by the fear that she’s fallen too far to be loved. Diligently, she plasters a smile to her face, and plays it off as, “He didn’t mean it. It’s my fault they can’t love me.” But just like a knight in shining armor, Aunt Becky comes swooping in to save the day. Whether it was an invited sleepover...


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