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How Man Evolved Essay

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How did the early man evolve and change into the way we are today?Human Evolution, the natural development of the species Homo Sapiens, or humanbeings. The initial man, called the Hominid was short, not intelligent, and very ape like.The next man lived in the stone age; his name was Homo Habilis. After Homo Habilis,Homo Erectus evolved. He was smarter, more efficient, and walked up-right. And heleaded to us, Homo Sapiens A lot of fossils, bones, and teeth have been found at variousplaces throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia that proved that early man existed. Toolsmade of stone, bone, and wood have also have been discovered and excavated. As a resultof these discoveries, a idea of human evolution during the past 4 to 5 million years hasshown.Most of the ability to make and use tools and other objects comes from the large sizeand complexity of the human brain. through human evolution the size of the brain hastripled. The increase in brain size may be from changes in hominid behavior. Over time,stone tools and other artifacts became more complex and the number of them increased.In addition, the geographic areas occupied by our ancestors expanded during humanevolution. They began to move into the tropical areas of Eurasia sometime after a millionyears ago, and into the tropical parts of these continents about 500,000 years ago. Laterhominids were able to cross the water barrier into Australia. It is likely that the increase inbrain size took place to permit our ancestors to be increasingly able to live in a variety ofenvironments.The third major trend in hominid development is the decrease in the size of the face andpage 1teeth. All of the apes are equipped with large teeth that were bigger than humans. Theearliest hominid remains had great teeth that project slightly, but those of all later hominidsshow a great decrease in size. With these changes is a reduction in the size of the face andjaws. As the teeth became smaller and the brain expanded, the face became smaller and itsposition changed.Between 7 and 20 million years ago, early apelike animals were greatly spread out onthe African and, later, on the Eurasian continents. Although many fossils, bones and teethhave been found, the way of life of these mammals, and their evolutionary alikeness to theliving apes and humans are still a question to scientists. None of the fossils apes give signsof being related directly towards us.The fossils for human evolution begins with Australopithecus. Fossils of this primatehave been discovered in a lot of sites in eastern and southern Africa. The genus seems tohave become extinct about 1.5 million years ago and were found 4 million years ago. Allthe australopithecines walked on two legs and gave the appearance of hominids. Theirteeth, jaws, and brain size are different from themselves and force a separation into fourgroups; afarensis, africanus, robustus, and boisei.The earliest australopithecine is afarensis, which lived in eastern Africa between 3 and...

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