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How Management Information Systems Affect Working Ethics

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For every technological introduction or advancement, there are consequences which come with it. This excludes not those that come with introduction of management information systems in companies. The modern society is entirely depended on information systems. Failure of these systems, today, can be declared as end of humanity. Worse enough is that there is a generational shift whereby future generations will not live without information systems that manage information. However, latest evaluations of the impact of management information systems have proven that there are chances, which are very high, of ethics being abused at the work place. Both the employees and the employers, are guarded by certain cord of ethics which aim at regulating the dignity of everybody at working place; and how far one party can be influential on the other especially on matters pertaining privacy. Profit making goals should not, by any means, overlook the importance of working ethics. This paper endeavors to explore areas of major concern where working ethics are likely to be compromised or have already been compromised at the working place due to institution of management information systems. Nevertheless, this research does not underscore the importance of these systems at the working place. The aim is to expose the negative impacts that might result from misuse of management information systems. These impacts can emanate from either party that forms part of the organization. In this case, mostly, it is either from the employee or the employer.

Human Dignity

Among the many things that have negatively been affected by systems that manage information in organizations is the human dignity. Social scientists have tried to define what human dignity but in all those definitions, ability to think is very eminent. One of the key elements of dehumanization is the inability to think (Paige, Brian and Cameron, 2012). It is common knowledge that everybody should show expertise through high edge wits applications for every assignment given at the work place. This aspect boosts a person’s worth in the organization and raises his self esteem. That being the case, human dignity is upheld.

But since the introduction the coming of information systems, people have been turned into small machines. Machines do not think. You realize that, developers of these systems do so with the intention of cutting down information management costs. In that regard, they try as much as possible to make the system behave like a human being. It is more like making the system think on behalf of a human being (Paige, Brian and Cameron, 2012). Technologically this is an achievement to technocrats, but socially this is a detriment to human development. It is a tragedy to human dignity.

Naturally human beings are wired to think. They think when they are exposed to challenges (Paige, Brian and Cameron, 2012). When the machines have taken part of that wisdom, then human value goes down. The going...

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