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How Managers Achieve Success In Today's Business World

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How Managers Achieve Success in Today's Business World In today’s business world, how do managers achieve success? In the
past, managers’ main managerial activities are decision making,
planning and controlling. They exchange the routine information and
process paperwork between different departments; motivate and
discipline their employees. People are graded by their technical
skills and productivity. However, when looking at Fred Luthans’s
research, we will find out that among successful managers, networking
makes the largest relative contribution to success. Managers pay more
attention on socializing, politicking and interacting with outsiders.
They manage a group of people, study how people react to the situation
rather than whether they respond. They are beginning to learn people’s
behavior and take it as an essential tool for managing effective
teams. That is organization behavior.

Organization behavior (OB) is a field of study that investigates the
impact that individuals, groups and structure have on behavior within
organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward
improving an organization’s effectiveness.

Managing people means managing a set of variables. In today’s
workplace, people will face many changes everyday. The incoming
globalization affects the organization structure, as well as a
manager’s people skills. Managers have to manage a workplace that is
likely to be very different in needs, aspirations and attitudes from
the ones that used to be. People are most likely to find themselves
working with bosses, peers and other employees who were born and
raised in different cultures. Organizations are becoming more
heterogeneous in terms of...

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