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How Managers In My Organization Delegate As Part Of Their Management Responsibilities.

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AbstractI will explain how managers in my organization delegate as part of their management responsibilities, and how delegation could be used more effectively in planning, organizing, leading, or controlling. I will also summarize what skills are necessary for effective delegation.IntroductionThe definition of delegation is "give an assignment to (a person) a post, or assign a task to (a person)". It may seem peculiar to be talking about delegation of responsibilities in a high-tech environment where catch phrases such as "self-starter," "self-motivated," and "must be capable of working under no supervision" often appear in job descriptions; but, it is true. My paper will go more into detail about delegation in the workplace.Managers in my organization delegate on a daily basis. Because we are in a world of cost cutting and always trying to compete. Management jobs are less then they should be. Therefore managers or supervisors are always delegating tasks to subordinates to try to accomplish company objectives, and to meet customer deadlines. Here are some examples: In the Replication area we have one manager with four twelve-hour shifts. The Replication area works 24/7 and there is always something going on. The area manager tells me that he sometimes delegates attendance duties, task assignment, production scheduling, cost analysis reports, and follow-up on orders that are complete. Why so much delegation? I asked, manager responded, "Not enough management to run the floor and keep an eye on things." I asked the manager, "Who is accountable for what goes on (or doesn't go on) in their department?" he responded, "If subordinates make mistakes because they have not been taught, the manager is accountable. If subordinates make mistakes because of an overload of "meaningful" responsibilities delegated to them, they are not to blame."In the Duplication Department we have one manager, and one supervisor working five days a week eight-hours per shift. The manager has a total of twelve employees. One employee works as the Master Evaluator who edits VHS tapes to ensure the movie plays from the start to the end, from time to time he adds movie shorts based on the clients requirements. The Master Evaluator sometimes fills in for our Duplication manager because they run three Duplication lines that require more help for the other supervisor. The tasks that are delegated to him include; setting up materials for VHS Packaging, planning in line utilization (how many people does he need to run 100,000 units), and making sure art work for title is ready from creative services. The Master Evaluator not only performs his duties but also has three extra assignments to perform. Both managers provide employees with detail information on how to take care of the assignments. Both employees are given a project sheet that provides task, task objective, and due date of the task. The sheet is provided at the beginning of week. In some cases, the employees state that the...

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