How "Master Harold And The Boys" Conveys The Negative Effects Of Apartheid More Effectively Than "Too Late The Phalarope"

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Athol Fugard and Alan Paton both lived through South Africa's apartheid era; the South African government shunned them; and each fought the horror of segregation through literature. Yet, though the two men existed for the same purpose, their methods of persuasion differed. Paton's books and Fugard's plays helped the cause of apartheid in their own ways, but certain dramas written by Fugard portray the negative effects of apartheid much more effectively than various pieces of literature created by Paton. "Master Harold and the Boys", a masterpiece written by Fugard, displays apartheid in a much more meaningful, insightful, and realistic way than "Too Late the Phalarope", a book written by Paton. The play Master Harold and the Boys captures the reality of apartheid through its rational plot and setting, its personable cast, and the way it captures the sophistication of black culture.The events occurring in Master Harold and the Boys seem extremely likely: at that time countless black employees worked under white employers. However, in Too Late the Phalarope, the main character, Pieter, plays rugby for the national team, holds the post of a lieutenant in the Police, and becomes respected by soldiers throughout the world. In the prelude, Paton even denounces the reality of his story. "No event or incident in the story is intended to relate to, or represent, any actual incident or event, and the names used are the invention of the author, who apologizes should he have inadvertently used the names of actual persons." (Paton, Prelude)Athol Fugard's choices of character reflect the knowledge of his audience; he invents a plot that many residents in South Africa and the rest of the world can relate to, in order to prove his point. Not many men or women understand a man of magnitude like Paton's main character Pieter; the working class of the world connects with commoners, like Fugard's Hally, Willie, and Sam. At the time when Master Harold and the Boys was performed, local cafeterias like the one Hally's family owns began to boom across the U.S., which showed Fugard that by having a familiar setting, the blacks in South Africa could appear like the blacks in other parts of the world. The awful apartheid laws became the only distinction. Not only does Fugard's setting persuade an audience better than Paton's, but his plot and characters also support the South African cause.Though Paton definitely despises the Immorality Act and all apartheid laws, parts of his story demean blacks. For instance, Stephanie brews liquor and attends court hearings weekly. "He called to one of the klonkies that were hanging about, and he told him to carry the suitcases, and I said to him, that's what we got you here for, to stop things like that." (Paton, 61)The blacks in Too Late the Phalarope make the whites look fairly noble, which conflicts with the goal of the book. In Master Harold and the Boys, the two blacks seem to outshine the white Hally's father. "We'll sneak in...

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