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How Math Is Used In The Fbi

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a law enforcement agency used by the United States’ government. The FBI has been solving cases since 1908, and has been a world leader in crime solving since then. The FBI uses a ton of different ways to solve a case and a lot of them include math. It uses math to solve cases by using statistics to make predictions about a case, special angles when shooting a gun, using geometry when making a geographical area to search in, and pattern recognition to find a place where a criminal might strike.
The FBI uses Statistics to solve hundreds of cases, statistics allow the FBI to make predictions to solve a case before they have evidence enough to solve it. Since the FBI is the United States largest law enforcement agency focused mainly on United States soil the FBI needs a way to stay organized so the FBI built a computer program called ViCAP. ViCAP is a database to hold all of the FBI’s crimes. This program can be used to find a similar case in years passed and look back to see what kind of person the statistics point to. The FBI uses advanced statistics compiled by using the mean (average), and looking at the type of person who committed the crime, the severity of the crime, and the age of the person who committed the crime. While out in the field, FBI agents take notes on even the smallest thing that could give a hint to solving a case such as if the crime scene is organized denotes multiple offenses. Statistics are also compiled when looking for a stolen item such as money from a bank, for example, if money is stolen; statistics might tell you where to look, the age, gender, ethnicity, and type of person (down to the car they might drive). Statistics are especially important when looking at juvenile violence and the possibility that a gang of people might be involved in the crime. Since children are such a touchy subject because they still have their lives to live and an arrest, even if it is not correct could ruin their reputation and chance of getting a job later in life. So, for a law enforcement agent, especially one in the FBI they look at the statistics which say that if it is between nine A.M. and seven P.M. the offender is most likely under 18 and most likely if the time is three P.M. on a school day. One branch of the FBI that uses a lot of statistics is the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI when analyzing and profiling the masterminds behind some of the worst crimes ever. They achieve this by looking at past crimes similar to the current one. For example, of all violent crimes against men 40% of the aggressors are not strangers, but 48% are strangers and the leftover are unknown; Whereas with women 64% of aggressors are not stranger, but 30% are stranger and the remainder are unknown. This helps to find the average gender, age, and type of person (shy, boisterous, etc.), and compile that into one “profile” and use that and other clues to help find the culprit.

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