How Is The Concept Of The Physical Journey Is Described In Your Prescribed Texts?

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A physical journey consists of the movement from one place to another, whereby the individual undergoes a process of change and development, becomes endowed with experiences, goals are achieved culminating in an overall transformation. Journeys often contain elements such as a lack of choice, uncertainty, danger, and obstacles. Such journeys are explored in Peter Skrzynecki's poems Immigrants at Central station and 'Crossing the Red Sea', Alan Moir's political cartoon MV Cormo Express (SMH 28/10/03), about the stranded sheep in the middle of the ocean, and also the bookcover for Victor Kelleher's Ivory Trail.Often journeys have an element of a lack of choice. In 'Immigrants at Central station', Skrzynecki uses simile to describe their restricted freedom writing, 'like a word of command'. There is a sense of irony here, that having escaped their oppressive homeland, their destination still limits their freedom. They are forced to endure poor weather conditions, but nonetheless endure it as shown by 'but we ate it all'. The train tracks are also symbolic of this lack of choice. They are set on one course, one destination, and cannot deviate from their journey. 'Crossing the Red Sea also describes their feelings of not being in control, 'Neither masters nor slave'. While their freedom has not been physically restricted, like in the war, they are still being commanded by external bodies, such as the Australian Government. Similarly in 'MV Cormo Express', the sheep are of a journey of the unwilling. Their fate has been decided by external bodies. One sheep says 'Some say Eritrean fields....' This is also suggestive that they are not in control and that they must accept their determined fate. The ship is also surrounded by a vast expanse of water, so there is no escape and they must go where the ship takes them. The immigrants must go where the train takes them. 'Time ran ahead along tracks of glistening steel' suggests that their future lies on this path and there is no alternative. While the immigrants chose to go on this journey, to Australia, it seems that they have found themselves once again without the freedom to make their own choices. However the sheep, most likely, did not choose to go on this journey that will end in their deaths. In these texts the journey contains a restriction ion their freedom to decide their future.There is also an uncertainty of the future in many journeys. In 'MV Cormo Express' the sheep say 'Some say Eritrean fields, some say the slaughterhouse, some say Wentworth to boost branch numbers'. These rumours show the lack of information regarding their fate that the sheep, and indeed the general public, have about their intended fate. Truncated sentences also reflect this uncertainty and restlessness. Moir uses monochromatic colours to convey the overall negative atmosphere. Black and white is symbolic of their bleak futures. The cartoon is also void of any landmass, which suggests that they're destination and fate is yet...

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1804 words - 7 pages is right and wrong.After analyzing and studying these texts, I was able to gain a clearer understanding of the physical journey and its characteristics. I realized that you do not have to enjoy the journey you are on, but after your journey has ended and you look back on it, you realize how significant the journey really is. While on a journey, you learn and experience things that you may not have experienced before. This gives you a chance to develop as a person. Journeys are worthwhile as they are what make us grow.

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