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Semantic Choices A Writer Makes In The Construction Of Meaning

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This paper aims to discuss the semantic choices that a writer makes in the construction of meaning to make sense of the text at morphology level, lexical level, sentence level as well as discourse level. Meanwhile, it would demonstrate how to share information between readers and writer at discourse level in the act of communication which implicated the teaching method in English classes. To fulfill this purpose, this paper is consisted in the following sections: morphology level analysis, lexical level analysis, semantic level analysis, discourse level analysis, implications for teaching and conclusion.
Morphology level analysis: Word formation
English lexicon is expanding and enlarging in its way through derivation, inflection and compound. Writers could shape the communication via them. Morphology is the study of word, and words carry meanings.
Inflectional morphology or inflection deals with variation that words display on the foundation of their grammatical context. English has only eight kinds of inflectional affixes, including the plural –s and –es, the –s, -ing, -ed and –en added to verbs to show tense, and the –er, -est added to adjectives and adverbs to show comparisons (Freeman, 2004). It carries information within grammars. In the passage, “we had only expected a few dozen people to turn up” told the reader about the time and writer’s attitude through the verb “expected” with its inflection “-ed”.
Word functions differently. While some carried mainly grammatical meaning, others bear a greater informational load. According to Freeman (2004), Derivational affixes change meaning and product new word. They could be suffixes or prefixes. However, generally speaking, certain affixed exhibit specific meaning. The “workable” in the passage shows the process of derivation. “-able” turns the verb “word” into adjective indicating the meaning of “able/worthy to be V-ed” which implies the character of the place that “workable” described.
Compounds and acronyms are the usual two other ways for writer to enlarge the vocabulary and convey new information. Compound is consisted of two free morphemes. The “nightlife” could be divided into “night” and “life”, indicating the activity at night. And VP is an example of acronyms which formed from initial letters of “member of parliament”. Both of them simplified the sentence and highlight the emphasis.
Lexical level Analysis : core meaning
The construction of meaning could also be fulfilled in lexical level. Diverse backgrounds and experience may effect differently when choosing the exact meaning of the word. Core meaning and polysemes contributes to understanding as well as the semantic field which depend on the semantic feature.
Semantic feature is a feature method of definition rather than a pointing one. It helps to index word meaning, distinguish the several meanings of individual words, and analyze relationships between similar words.(Brown 1995) Brown also indicated that semantic...

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