How Memory And Hearing Are Linked And Thus Influence Emotions

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Specific emotions, registered through previous experiences and thoughts, are triggered when a situation or atmosphere resembles or is akin to a memory from the past. Hearing is saved in one’s memory mostly together with the linked setting and happening. When a certain sound is heard, it can directly relate to what one has experienced or seen with that sound in the past and can bring up certain feelings.
Childhood is a time of life that represents innocence and happiness. Composed of lively rhythms, most people have memories of singing children’s songs at kindergartens or child cares with peers they first start calling friends. Children’s songs, as well as educational purposes, aims to teach kids how to integrate with other children, which is what most people went through. Hence when one hears a familiar children’s song, he or she will think of their childhood, singing the songs with others they may and may not know, but still altogether. Therefore, the happiness in memory of their childhood will bring up their social open-mindedness.
Patriotic songs are a different case. The lyrics to patriotic songs are usually in favor of one’s country and may be in opposition of others. It appears often in competitions or wars, to show sincerity in support one’s country. For instance, patriotic songs commonly come up in movies set in the past, usually wars. Soldiers sing their national anthems with their hands on their heart, before war in promise to take over the opposition for their country, or after victory. In sports, anthems come up according to the winner’s nationality. It tends to single out people’s minds and provoke nationalism, becoming less tolerant of the others.

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