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How Men And Women Lie Essay

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"Truth is beautiful without doubt, but so are lies":

Comparison and contrast about how men and women lie

Many critics have tried to distinguish who lies more, men or women. Considering the arguments I read there is no proof of who lies more. Both sexes usually lie to protect themselves, to cover up for somebody else, or to stabilize their image. However, men and women lie differently reasons of lying in different situations. Therefore, it is impossible to say who lies more, men or women.

Both men and women lie to protect themselves or others, but they do so in different ways. Some of them think that the truth will not sound good, so they lie to their friends, family, and co-workers. Those who think that way, have something on their mind that makes them either scared, or uncomfortable about what they have to say. Overall, they prefer to lie to protect themselves and make themselves feel better.

The protective lie is something that both men and women use many times but in different ways. Men lie to protect themselves at work about their family and their accomplishments. Usually he says how amazing his family members are and how wonderful everything is between each other. Regularly he says that because he does not want people to know or even think that he has any problems. Women however mostly lie to protect their children about money issues or about their feelings. Most of all, both men and women lie about relationships with each other. Individually men and women lie about the relationship to make

fewer fights and less argument. They usually lie about events that occurred to them when they were away from each other to stay out of fight. For example woman could get some strangers

phone number to call him sometimes about the help with her homework and vice versa for the man. Both sexes think that it is better to lie then say the truth to be more protective. By reading the article "Why we do it and when it might be ok" Kathllen Kelleher said that most of men and women hate to talk about problems that have occurred to them, so they will respond with a smile, like nothing bad happened. Furthermore, man and women may continue lying concerning the situation they already lied about before to protect themselves.

Both man and women will also lie to cover up their brothers, sisters, nephews, bosses, best friends, and of course their loved ones, but in a dissimilar way. I have noticed a bunch of cover up lies that best friends construct for each other including those that have to do with drugs, alcohol, job, school, and other. The person that man would usually lie for is his boss because he/she is the one who is signing his paychecks. His boss might ask one of his/her employees to tell other people that he/she is not in today. There might be a situation when women would have to lie to her sister in-law about her brother going out with another girl. It might be tough to lie about that kind of issue, but if her brother is asking,...

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