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How Might The Changing Demographics And Diversity Of The U.S. Population Affect The Operation Of Juvenile And Criminal Courts?

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The changing demographics and diversity of the U.S. population may affect the operation of juvenile and criminal courts by the effectiveness in properly dealing with new trends in crime and all the costs of hearing and preparing the court cases, and of hiring more people to deal with the increase in crime in the future, and finally the cost of rehabilitating those offenders.Some of the things that could change this are the rise in elderly population that are embracing technologyWhile the recent advances in technology has brought a number of advantages tosociety, it has also resulted in some unique challenges for law enforcement.The State Police will be called upon even more in the future to police technology-related crimes(Internet scams and other cyber-related crimes), especially against the elderly, which will cost us more to hire more police officers and cost us more in the courts.It is anticipated that an increase in the senior population will result in an increase in the number of crimes perpetrated against elderly citizens. Not only will this change in demographics impact the investigation and enforcement of crime, it will also precipitate questions concerning whether current legislation sufficiently addresses this particular class of victims. As with any changes in demographics, an increase in the number of law enforcement concerns of elderly citizens will generate several training issues for sworn personnel who are called upon to respond to those concerns, and hearing court cases.Although juvenile crime rates declined during the mid-nineties, high-profile juvenile homicides andschool violence cases have propelled legislative action. Most states have moved tonarrow and restrict the scope of juvenile court jurisdiction and to experiment withsentencing reforms that blur the traditional boundaries between the juvenile andadult criminal justice systems. The juvenile court is clearly at a crossroads, strugglingto balance its historical emphasis on individualized sentencing in an informalcourt environment against calls by the courts' critics for increased accountabilityand punishment.Juvenile court filings are among the fastest-growing category of cases instate courts today. As the children of the baby boomers move through adolescence,some experts predict continued pressure on juvenile court resources wellinto the next century.Forecasts indicate that the number of juveniles will increase to 77.6 million by 2020. Some people speculatethat juvenile crime rates will increase dramatically during the first decade of thenew millennium, fueled not only by growing...

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