How Low Self Esteem Effects Anorexia Essay

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How Low Self-Esteem affects Anorexia


I.     Anorexia has no certain causes, but it has been
determined that psychological, enviromental, and
physiological factors play a role.
A.     Self-esteem is both a psychological and
physiological factor of low self-esteem.
B.     Girls and young women are most commonly associated
with low self-esteem and anorexia.

II.     “Self-Esteem is how you think and feel about
yourself.';(McWilliams and Roger, 361) People can reach
low self-esteem levels in a variety of ways.
A.     People with low self-esteem don’t think they’re
worth taking care of.
B.     Young people’s self-esteem can be effected by
parents and peers.

III.     With low self-esteem, a young girl wants to have the
confidence that it seems everyone else has.
A.     They may develop anorexia because they are
dissatisfied with themselves.
     B.     An anorexia will take drastic measures to change
          her body image in an attempt to fit in.

An Conclusion:     It has not yet been pin-pointed what the
exact cause of anorexia is. Many factors play a role,
including self-esteem. Children need to be showed love and
caring in order to gain the appropriate levels of

     Anorexia is a big issue in society today.
Girls and boys are developing anorexic symptoms as
young as age five. While anorexia can be detected
in boys, girls, men, and/or women of all ages, “the
most common ages of onset [remains] between
thirteen and twenty-two.';(Levenkron,1)
     Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder. People
who develop anorexia are usually “afraid of
becoming obese and [have] such a distorted image of
[their] body, that [they] steadfastly [refuse] to
eat even when...hungry.';(Mathews, 29) The
“[eating] disorder [becomes] a disease...when
problems of the mind create problems for the body.';
     Scientists have been studying and researching
the causes of anorexia since it was first
introduced as a disease in the 19th century. An
exact cause of anorexia has not yet been
determined, although scientists do know that one of
three factors usually play a role in the onset.
Psychological, environmental, and/or physiological
factors are most commonly the determinates of the
onset of anorexia.
      “The major psychological features seem to be
the fear of maturing and the fear of loss of
control.'; (Mathews, 31) Many anorexics confirm
that they do become fearful of losing control in
their life, which is why they turn to...

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