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How Mobile Phones Can Affect Us?

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There are millions and millions of mobile phone users around the world. However, the industry insists that emissions are too low to be hazardous. Mobile phones, both analogue and digital, use microwaves, similar to those in microwave ovens, although they are at a slightly different frequency and much lower power. The concerns stem from their closeness to heads when calls are made or received. Scientists previously assumed that energy absorbed by the head was evenly distributed, but the latest research suggests that waves concentrate on the skull, creating "hot spots". Scientists warn that mobile phones can cause headaches, memory problems, ear and eye conditions and cancer. Also, biologist Roger Coghill, a radioactivity specialist who runs an independent laboratory, wants all mobiles to carry a cigarette-style government health warning. He believes the high frequency radio-like waves can limit white blood cells' ability to fight disease. It happens because the brain's fluid absorbs radiation when the cell phone is held to the ear. The frequency of brain cancer is steadily rising and many medics believe it is linked to increased use of mobile phones. Dr. Camelia Gabriel, an expert in microwave radiation, said there was increasing evidence that heavy use was not recommended. She also said that Cenelec recommended a safe limit in late 1998 for emissions of 20 milliwatts compared with the 100-600 milliwatts currently put out. Doctors Narendra Singh and Henry Lai have worked on another potentially disturbing study that is published in the International Journal of Radiation Biology. They found that low level microwave radiation, similar to that emitted by mobile phones, can split DNA molecules in the brains of live rats. DNA breakages are associated with illnesses including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and cancer. Their conclusions are...

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