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How Money Can Ruin One's Life In "The Lottery Ticket" English 11 Essay

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Living In an Unrealistic Fantasy
Winning the lottery is a fortune in many people’s lives and one would do anything to win it. A person that wins the lottery can have an astonishing life and live to their fullest. This is only if they survive to live their life. Money can easily change one’s prospect on not only wanting but needing an ideal life .In “The Lottery Ticket” written by Anton Chekhov, it is demonstrated that winning the lottery could simply ruin one’s life, and that the best thing that happens to a person may be the worst thing for them.
At the beginning of the story, Ivan had a happy family and was satisfied with his job salary. He sought a better life for himself as soon as he was introduced to the idea of winning the lottery. An example of Ivan’s change in mindset is ,“ He dozes sweetly, thinking of nothing, and feeling all over that he need not go to the office today, tomorrow or the day after.“  This quote clarifies that he does not want to worry about work or have to deal with many events in life and his irrational thinking of such a dramatic lifestyle change is not as sustainable as he thinks. If this realistically happened to him, there would be an instant regret. Unfortunately money eventually comes to an end,...

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