How Much Is It Costing You To Breath Comfortably

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How Much Is It Costing You to Breath Comfortably
It is hard to imagine how life would be without air conditioners. Before these electronic devices came, people used to keep large masses of ice to cool the place. When air conditioners were invented, their capacity was measured depending relative to the amount of ice melted in a day. This is where the word ‘a ton of cooling’ came to be. A small home air conditioner is able to deliver two tons of cooling with a larger one about five tons. A ton is expressed as 12,000 BTUs per hour (British Thermal Units). A good air conditioner is able to maintain the indoor environment in the desired temperature.
Unlike many other electrical devices, a conditioner needs several aspects to run properly. If any of the required conditions is not met, the equipment performance is affected. First, the air conditioner needs to be big enough to deliver the required rod. It also needs to have enough of refrigerant to optimally regulate the temperature. Air vents need to be clean and free from blockage to deliver enough clean air to the air conditioner. The room where you need to air condition needs proper insulation against leakage of air to the outside. Where outside air mixes with conditioned air, the effectiveness of the air conditioner is compromised. Finally, the condensing and humidifying units must be working well to adjust both the temperature and humidity to the required range.
Maintaining an air conditioner
Like every other electronic gadget, your air conditioner needs regular professional maintenance. This reduces its chances of breaking down causing you discomfort and costing you higher on repairs. Preventive maintenance depends on which part of the world you live. Air conditioning systems in hot , humid and dirty areas require more frequent preventive maintenance unlike their counterparts in cooler less dusty regions. Air conditioners do not have any user serviceable parts. You need the services of a professional electronic technician.
Most manufacturers have limited warranties for their air conditioning units. Thus, you enjoy free or subsidised repair and maintenance for an agreed period. Others have dealership agreements with service firms who repair certain models. It is recommended that you use authorised professional technicians if any around your area. If none, it would be prudent that you research for the...

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