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How Much Sleep Do We Really Need

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Around 80% of average American adults do not sleep the minimum required hours of sleep a night. It is important for everyone’s mental and physical health to know how much sleep we need a night, and to get enough sleep each night. Lack of sleep will cause severe health problems and effect everyday mental functions. We grow at the fastest rate when we are in out teenage years that said, teenagers need more sleep than any other age, for there body and mind to grow efficiently. The only way humans can function is by sleeping.
Teenagers need a lot of sleep because they are at the peak of growing. UCLA health and sleep center states that “teens are at an important stage of their growth and ...view middle of the document...

Going through these changes while you sleep helps your body rest so it can function normally and so you will not be tired and drowsy when you get up in the morning. The most important stage of sleeping a stage called REM sleep REM sleep stands for rapid eye movement “During the hour or two before you wake, you primarily have REM sleep. You dream a lot during this period, and consolidate recent memories. Weirdly, this means that your body does most of the preceding day’s events just before you wake naturally (Why the snooze button)”. This matters because everything you learn from the past day is processed during this stage if you don’t go through this stage often enough you will forget things you learned more easily and you will not function to your full capability. Going through all stages of sleep is important to your health there are many risks if you do not get enough sleep because your body needs sleep to perform every day.
Lack of sleep is proven to have serious down sides and is not good for your health there are many health problems that people themselves in that can be extremely serious. Studies have shown not getting enough sleep daily puts you more at risk for heart disease, blood clots stroke, and physiatrist problems(Why Women Need More). This means, not getting the sleep you need can cause stroke and in severe cases death. Not only does sleeping harm you it can harm people around you as well studies have proven that “crashes related to drowsy driving take the lives of more than 1,550 people each year. These crashes are most often caused by young people under the age of 25” (Sleep and Teens). In other words when you are drowsy you put the people around you at risk of car accident’s which can lead to severe injury even death. Walking around tired isn’t good for your health and isn’t safe because “sleep loss is also a big public safety hazard every day on the road. Drowsiness can slow reaction time as much as driving drunk (Peri).” Not only is it dangerous to drivers around you it can be dangerous for pedestrians and bikers around you, police should notice these dangers and pull over people who are driving on lack of sleep and put everyone else in danger of getting hurt. Sleep deprivation can affect your thinking as well, lack of sleep can lead to major depression, people who experience insomnia are more likely to have depression in life. Also people who experience depression tend to...

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