How Much Time Does It Take To Issue Voter Id Cards?

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By applying for Voter ID Cards, the new voters or citizens enter a whole new phase of life in which their decisions become synonymous with that of the whole democracy altogether. Their votes make or sometimes break the Governments and hence it is of utmost priority that these decisions are allowed to brew in an atmosphere with least influence and obstacles and maximum amount of brain storming.

It is the duty of Election Commission of India to make sure that there is no rigidness in the way various political parties conduct their political campaigns. By doing so, the commission hence checks that there is no undue or illegitimate influence on the voters like cash or kind gifts in return of votes.

Apart from this influence, the ECI also has the duty to make sure that there are least number of obstacles for the voters to cast their votes. Therefore the quality of mechanisms that facilitate registration of voters and issuing of Voter ID Cards has been maintained at high levels. Although it is also the duty of the citizens who wish to apply for Voter ID Cards to check that their registration process is smooth and without any rigidness.

How can Voter ensure a smooth application process?

The voters can do so by:-

Filling the Voter Registration Forms with minimum amount of errors.
Not providing any falsified information.
Being well endowed with all the documents required for voter registration.
Constantly keeping a check on their application status so that any discrepancy or errors could be rectified with immediate effect.
Being patient and giving the authorities sufficient time to assess their Voter ID Card Application.
Making sure that their photograph and particulars in the Voters' List are correct without even a single error.

By keeping these things in mind, the Voters not only minimize the number of obstacles in entry to the polling booth, the time in which they would receive their Voter ID Cards is also reduced by a considerable amount.

How long does it take to issue Voter ID Cards?

Since the Voter ID Card finds its importance in the fact that is your passport to the polling booth, where you could cast your vote and hence affect the whole democracy by your choice of candidate. Since this one vote of yours...

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