How Music Affected The Anti Vietnam Movement

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Humans throughout history have proven to be a very aggressive species. They disagree with one another, which might lead to conflict, and if the conflict is big enough, war. There have been many great battles and wars in the past, but one of the most controversial and protested war in human history was the Vietnam War. As World War II ended, the young males returned to their homes. They began families which brought a significant number of new children into the world. This dramatic increase in the number of births is called the Baby Boom. The Baby Boomers were new generation of people. As the world started to recover from the war, time passed, but as the saying goes “History will repeat itself” (George Santanaya, 1905). As time passed a conflict between the United States and Vietnam erupted. Communism was the reasoning behind the war. During the 50’s and 60’s communism was seen as a problem to the United States because of the domino effect it had on the Asian countries. Communism was spreading quickly and the United States feared that Vietnam was going to fall under communist control the way China and Korea had. To try and prevent this disease from spreading, the United States declared war as a way to stop this effect. In the past, citizens, for the most part, supported the United States in declaring war but the baby boomers thought otherwise. The baby boomers felt that the war was wrong and without knowing it changed history for the better though the power of love, peace, and most importantly, music.
The music of the 1960’s served as the voice of millions and was a large contributor to the revolution that was about to occur during the decade. This was a time of rebellion, when the young people of the country questioned everything including the government, authority, and corporations. Eventually, the rebellion led to a revolution that affected society for the better. Musicians played a key role in the anti-Vietnam war movement by bringing people together, voicing their opinions in their lyrics and promoting peace through their actions and life styles. Musicians during that era helped fuel the anti-Vietnam movement though their hardships creating music, their powerful lyrics that were meaningful enough to initiate change, and through their perseverance to sway the minds of their listeners.
During the anti-Vietnam movement era, songs played a key role in the development of the revolution that was about to take place. In the 60’s, music would reflect on the many social conflicts society faced such as the battle for equality, the rebellious atmosphere of the youth, and the resistance to war. Music artists would write about these issues and embed their messages of peace, justice, and love in their lyrics. The tone of the songs also reflected on the conflicts that were happening. The music of the 1960’s helped shaped the public’s opinions which ultimately lead to the revolution. Unfortunately this did not come easy for many of the musicians due to the...

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