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How Music Affects A Person’s Mind And Body

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Music is defined as vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion, but music is not bound by its meaning. Music can be almost anything a person wants it to be. No one can put a date on the beginning of music. Some say it began before humans spread around the world or possibly originated in Africa. A conclusion that most people would agree on is that music has been around for mostly all of time. Whether or not people know it, music is a key aspect of their lives, and it affects them in many ways. One may begin to question why do humans participate in and enjoy music so much? This question can never have a concrete answer, but many have ideas of what might be the reason.
First is the question why is music so important to us? Music has always been present and has always been known and enjoyed by humans. The start of music is not known, but “[s]ome suggest that the origin of music likely stems from naturally occurring sounds and rhythms” (Wikipedia). Music always seems to be a natural feeling and many people pour their feelings into their own music. These emotions create the continuous development of music. Music is created every day and different forms appeal to different people. Although today there are many different genres of music, they all have the same roots. Music can be defined as noises put in order. Noises are everywhere, some places more than others. Noises are not noises unless something is there to hear it. This confusing statement is often questioned, as in when someone asks “If a tree falls does it make a noise?”. According Daniel Levitin and physics, the answer is no. “…vibrating air molecules are what reach our eardrum, and they cause our eardrum to wiggle in and out at the same frequency,” (Levitin). Ultimately people develop the noise themselves. Without these specific functions in the ear and the brain, there would be no sound. Our brain is the most important part of the human’s development of sound. Certain sounds please a person and some aggravate. These results are because of how the brain receives the noises. For example, the reaction to the noise of a person scratching a chalk board and a rainstorm is completely different. This is because one noise is more pleasing than the other, because certain sounds aren’t “acceptable” to the brain. For this same reason a person without any education of music can tell if a person is singing out of key. The recognition of beats and rhythms comes naturally. A simple way to notice this is to watch a group of people listening to music. Some may be tapping their foot, swaying, bobbing their head, or some other motion going with the rhythm of the song. Music brings a natural tendency to move. Dancing goes to a beat just like music because music is the reason dancing was created. As far back as the first African Aborigines, music is used for tribal rituals and dances. It is easy to...

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